Self Compact Concrete

Self Compacting Concrete Test

A self compacting concrete has the properties such as filling ability, passing ability and segregation resistance. Various workability tests methods are available for self compacting concrete such as slump flow tests, V-funnel test, L-box test, U-Box test, Fill box test etc.

Test Methods for Self Compacting Concrete

The tests methods presented here are devised specifically for self compacting concrete. Existing rheological test procedure have not considered here, though the relationship between the results of these tests and the rheological characteristics of the concrete is likely to figure highly in future work, including standardization work.

Self Compacting Concrete Workability

In considering these tests there are number of points which should be taken into account:

   There is no clear relation between test results & performance on site.

   There is little precise data, therefore no clear guidance on compliance limits.

A concrete mix can only be classified as self compacting concrete if the requirements for all the following three workability properties are fulfilled.

   Filling ability

   Passing ability and Segregation resistance.

Filling Ability of Self Compacting Concrete

It is the ability of SCC to flow into all spaces within the formwork under its own weight. Tests, such as slump flow, V-funnel etc, are used to determine the filling ability of fresh concrete.