Non Destructive Testing

Standardtec Engineers India Pvt Ltd. is an ISO/IEC17025:2005 accredited testing and analysis laboratory, conducting Non-Destructive tests on old and new buildings to evaluate in-situ compressive strength of the structure.

Non-Destructive Testing of RC & Steel Structures (NABL Accredited Laboratory as per ISO: 17025-2005)

  Assessment of Quality of in-situ Concrete through Non-Destructive Tests.

  Assessment of cover and surface disposition of reinforcement through rebar locator studies.

  Assessment of Quality of in-situ concrete through Core Tests and Pullout Tests (Semi-Destructive Tests).

  Assessment of Permeability of Concrete through Field Permeability Tests and Rapid Chloride Permeability Tests.

  Assessment of onset & extent of Corrosion in rebars through potential difference and resistivity studies.

  Assessment of extent of Carbonation / Chloride Penetration in cover concrete.

  Assessment of member thickness & Lamination tests on structural steel sections.

  Assessment of quality of weld in fabricated steel structures through DPT, UT, M PT etc.