Construction Material Testing


Standardtec Engineers India Pvt Ltd.is a NABL accredited laboratory as per ISO/IEC17025:2005 & ISO 19001:2015 delivering an extensive range of building material tests from the pre-construction phase till post-construction, analyzing the quality of building materials testing on soils, , aggregates, concrete, bricks-blocks, rocks and steel.

In today's global markets and increasing emphasis on quality, need for laboratory data has increased many fold and top of that accuracy and reliability of data is an another concern.

Our construction material engineering and testing credentials speak for themselves. Our professional engineers having vast experience and understanding of material testing, construction materials and construction practise. Our team of engineers and technicians help our clients anticipate and minimize potential issue and delays.

Our laboratories are equipped with the latest sophisticated building material testing equipments. Our services include not only material testing services as well as engineering observation, structural inspection etc.

Our team of consultants and technologists create customized material testing programs to meet the demands of manufacturers having proprietory products. When taking a new or revised product to market having it validated by a reputable independent test Laboratory will likely increase its acceptance in the market place.

The Laboratories are well equipped with efficient equipment’s, Experienced engineers and sure in top quality.


  Laboratory Tests on Concrete:

  Cube test

  Accelerated cube test (ACT)

  Concrete Mix Design

  High performance concrete with fly ash, slag and silica fume

  Self compacting concrete